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Ultrastable Glasses with striking properties print email
Friday, 18 July 2014 16:08

Researchers from UAB, MATGAS and UAM have discovered that ultrastable glasses of indomethacin are a surprising exception to the ubiquitous presence of quantum tunneling states at cryogenic temperatures in amorphous solids.

Research Assistant Position at MATGAS print email
Thursday, 03 July 2014 11:57

MATGAS, a centre of excellence in CO2 and Sustainability created to advance the research and order cialis on internet development of materials and generic cialis canada gases (, offers a publicist research assistant contract in the area of Hydrogen Safety.

Though many predictions for the hydrogen economy in the last decade have proven optimistic, since it is now increasingly evident the substantial investments in this field. H2TRUST is a safety project designed by a team of European Fuel Cell and cialis quick shipment Hydrogen (FCH) industry leaders to foster a smooth and viagra in australia for sale well managed transition to full scale commercialization of FCH applications in Europe and, from a safety perspective, to aid the process by which all industry stakeholders are informed, prepared and online generic cialis 50 mg confident, assuring. H2TRUST shall help assure mechanisms are in place to inform all stakeholders, including the general public, adequately about H2 related safety issues.  

2013 The Royal Spanish Society of Physics and the BBVA Foundation Award recognize Dr. Lourdes Vega her contribution of science to industry print email
Thursday, 06 February 2014 22:44

Dr. Lourdes Vega, MATGAS Director and viagra now R&D Director at Carburos Metalicos has received 2013 The Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) and the BBVA Foundation Award on Physics Innovation and how to get cialis Technology Award. The award recognizes applied research which has enabled technological innovation or promoted physics applications in the corporate world. In this edition the committee has recognized “the outstanding, original and buy viagra creative way in which she has steered the theoretical and rx generic viagra computational research in statistical physics, a branch of basic physics, to the industrial world, in which she has occupied important positions of leadership."


 Official link:



NEW! MATGAS’ latest Activity Report 2013 print email
Sunday, 01 December 2013 09:14


Welcome to MATGAS - Dr.Leticia Carro print email
Monday, 26 May 2014 16:18


leticia carro











Please join us in welcoming Leticia Carro as Research Associate at MATGAS.

Leticia is a postdoctoral researcher with experience in wastewater treatment and propecia the development and buy cialis cheap characterization of biomaterials for environmental applications. She obtained the Chemistry Degree in 2007 and the Masteron Environmental and cialis for woman Fundamental Chemistry in 2008 at University of A Coruña (UDC).She carried out her PhD studies in the group of Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters of thePhysical Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Departmentat UDC, receiving the International PhD degree in February 2013.  Her experience is related to the analytical characterization of solution chemistry in the context of environmental chemistry and purchase cialis wastewater treatment technology, mainly associated to adsorption and bioremediation processes. She has been responsible for the modeling of experimental data and designing of different experimental methodologies at laboratory and engineering scale. Welcome to MATGAS, Leticia! 




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MATGAS 2000 A.I.E. is non-profit making economic interest group dedicated to meeting R+D demands in the field of materials and gases from a broad perspective.
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